Martha’s Inspiration



“My entire life I watched my mother give to others before think of herself. She is the inspiration for the establishment of this foundation.”

James Carter

Son of Martha  Carter

Martha Carter was a caring, loving  supportive wife and mother for 51 years  with a passion for helping others. A survivor of Breast Cancer Carter worked hard to raise the spirits of people  suffering from cancer. Her love, for helping young people, and supporting many, philanthropic causes will continue with the work of this foundation. She was a very active advocate for many causes and gave generously to help fight the disease of cancer

She was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2007 and told she only had a thirty present survival chance to beat this horrible life-threating disease. Then later told, after under going chemotherapy, and radiation treatments, if she did not beat this disease she would at best have three-years at best to live.

Martha will forever be remembered because of her dedication and mission to saving lives, affected by cancer, Her life was a testament of pure love and determination, She never gave up, Her perseverance has touched thousands of people and her commitment has been manifested in the beauty that surrounds this foundation,s work. Martha’s legacy is a gift her family and to the world.

Martha passed away on Thursday May 29, 2008 of lung cancer at Kennestone Hospital in Marietta, Georgia. She was 68.

Martha Jane Carter

January 11, 1940-May 29, 2008      


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