The Foundation




Mission Statement: The mission of the Martha Carter Childhood Cancer Foundation is to raise awareness. offer support, and fund research for childhood cancer.

Purpose: Those closest to Martha Carter never want to forget the battle she fought. Her fighting sprite inspired us to start this foundation in her honor. Our purpose is to memorize Martha while helping children stricken with cancer. We will strive to serve our purpose with a similar spirit, determination, godliness as Martha.

The Martha Carter Childhood Cancer Foundation is a 501(3)(c) nonprofit organization whose purpose is to generate a greater public awareness and level of support for childhood/pediatric cancer. The Foundation promote activities to raise funds in support of a number of charitable origination dealing or associated with research, diagnosis, treatment care of patients with childhood pediatric cancer and offer support, including financial, to families with children with childhood pediatric  cancer.

Approximately 60% of Georgia residents qualify for help from the Martha Carter Childhood Cancer Foundation. Our clients base is low-income people, mainly families who need emergency help to pay medical bills or receive cancer treatments. In addition the foundation actively collects donations from Georgia residents, organizations and businesses. for immediate distribution to service community programs that serve and help cancer patients’ n

It’s estimated that the number of children who need services from the foundation in the will increase in the next 3 to five years. Georgia is growing and a number of family’s entering the area to seek cancer treatments for their children. A number of programs exist to help transition these new family’s into the state and receive help and support during their child’s cancer treatments. The Marta Carter Childhood Cancer Foundation is an important resource for these programs because we can respond quickly with the most important resources these families need while living with cancer.

Our service improves  ability of family’s to care for the children and make goals of self-sufficiency. The foundation services, now are small investment in comparison to cost of ignoring the problem of childhood cancer the Georgia counties and the influence on a number of health and service issues.


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